Mini Cushion Make-up Instructions

1. Place the backing fabric right side up on a flat surface.  Then lay your stitched fabric on top of the backing fabric, right side down.


2. Pin the two pieces together around the outside edges of the design.


3. Using strong sewing thread, backstitch the two pieces together around all four sides, following the edge of the cross stitching, leaving a gap of 2" (5cm) along the middle of the bottom edge (for turning inside out). Then remove all pins.


4. Trim all 4 edges of both pieces of fabric about 4 rows away from the stitched seam.  Then cut across all 4 corners, taking care not to cut too closely to the stitching, to reduce bulk when turning the mini cushion inside out.


5. Carefully turn the mini cushion inside out, pushing the blunt end of a pencil into each corner to help turn them out fully and create sharper corners. Push soft polyester toy filling into the mini cushion, being sure to fill the corners firmly, but as the mini cushion is small, do not overfill it as you may spoil the finished effect. 


6. Oversew the opening with strong sewing thread to close up the gap.  Alternatively, for an even neater finish where your stitches will be hidden, use ladder stitch to close the gap (see diagram below). 


Ladder Stitch:


CONGRATULATIONS! You should now have a completed mini cushion to treasure for years to come.

Text and images © Sheena Rogers 2019